Will the Ultra Micro FPV System with Headset work with the 180 QX HD RTF with SAFE Technology (BLH7400A)? Does the video (onboard) have it's own battery?

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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 08, 2016

Steven S.
Hi there, I am Steven. How are you today? What can I help you shop for?
Will this FPV system work with the 180 QX HD RTF with SAFE Technology (BLH7400A)? Does the video (onboard) have it's own battery?
Steven S.
That quad is not capable of FPV video. you will need to wire in the UM camara that comes with the kit in order to do that.
You mean replace existing Camera with this one? Also what is the typical field of view (Viewing angle on these cameras/video units
Steven S.
Field of view: 115 diagonal (90 horizontal)
Yes the camera that comes with that quad is not an FPV camera.
There is the spec for that camera for field of view
Certainly - understand the replacement need. Not advertised as such and don't expect just adding a headset is going to do that - need both new oboard camera as well as head set.
Power for FPV camera onboard then comes from the LiPo battery that supplies flight too? AND final question Is there an option for a larger battery, not just a replacement one but larger/longer flight time battery?
Steven S.
That is correct. No not for that quad the Stock 500mAh batteries are the ones to use. With that running the FPV camera it will not drain that battery to quick.
OK - Seriously looking at this for indoor and limited outdoor use. Have a 4 year old (?) Blade mSR that I haven't run in ages 0 never got the hang of it as it's a bit much for a realtively rank beginner like myself. Would prefer fixed wing but our field at home is a bit small - 125ft by 350 ft So quad or classic helo with SAFE is what I need to stick with for now. (And I live exactly 1 mile from an active airport (Rogers, AR - Home of Walmart Corporate flight ops.)
Thanks for your help. Now if I can just find someone to buy my Blade mSR.
Steven S.
You're very welcome.
This quad is on the small side for outdoor flying correct? 180 QX HD RTF with SAFE Technology (BLH7400A)
Steven S.
No you can fly it outside. just with miniaml wind.
Any other comparable RTF with SAFE and possibly FPV onboard already. Don't have to have FPV but would be nice.
Steven S.
I would go with the 180 that quad flys very well.
Classic single or dual rotors helos are less stable?? even with Safe? Know I'm askim a lot. Nearest RC shop is 70 miles
Steven S.
the quads will be much more stable over those as well as less shaky for FPV flight.
Ok sounds like a better route to start. FPV later or switch to larger unit like Chroma.
Sale on this one 180QX includes an extra battery as well as standard battery, charger tranmitter etc - everything to get started. Parts bundle a wise move to start with or what is shipping time and costs to order later?
Steven S.
Shipping time is about 3-5 days as well as it will be free shipping for orders over 100. For extra parts I would say blades and landing gear would be some good ones to get with that.
All in stock today?
credit to you for the sale/support?
Steven S.
Let me check on that for you.
Yes it looks like we have the lading gear and blades in stock.
The bundle is a little better deal for everything?
Steven S.
Yes for everything that would be the better deal.
Ok "Steve S" I'll jump over to order page and get started.
Steven S.
Sounds great. If you have any other questions just let me know!
Will do - for now I'll dig out this old Blade mSR and see if I can get is running and maybe find a home for it. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND SUPPORT - THAT CLOSED THE DEAL AND REASSURED ME. Buyer's remorse is a terrible thing to go through especially with web purchases.
Steven S.
You're very welcome. Glad I could get you helped out!! Have a great day!
sure will. you too!
Steven S.
Thank you.