Which camera can can be mounted on a boat and has a removable micro sd card?

Joseph C.
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Shopper conversation with Joseph C. on June 13, 2016

Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
Like to get a Boat with Camera
Look under docks Piers etc: in the water
Joseph C.
OK - In real time like FPV?
something I can change the batteries and micro sd card
yes please, or can it WIFI so I can see what the cameras see's
Joseph C.
OK - Let me take a look
Joseph C.
Start with the boat - http://www.horizonhobby.com/r...
Have you done this before
or maybe a submarine
Joseph C.
Not on a boat and no submarines!! Good idea though
Then use a different camera with SD card
If you want a monitor instead of headset, we can go that way also!
Camera is with head gear
give me the price for both ways
Joseph C.
OK -
can you email secure0301@gmail.com
is this the Best you can do on the Packages
Cost is a Factor Im Bidding on these jobs
Joseph C.
Battery for transmitter - http://www.horizonhobby.com/8...
And finally, would need a charger for the transmitter battery -