In the chroma can you point the camera straight down during flight?

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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on December 13, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the chroma?
Can you point the camera straight down during flight
Joe C.
not with this mount
you would need to modify/adapt your own
it doesn't reach down quite that far
is there another model that allows this
Joe C.
sorry no
I suggest just mounting with velcro/tape to achieve that
So on quads, all cameras are fixed?
Joe C.
the q500 allows tilt up down
have you seenit?
this chroma has no moveable mount other than the fixed position
we offer the q500 in a few combos
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
i am looking for a quad with long flight time, good camera function and fairly long range for farm and ranch use
Joe C.
this one will fly for about 25 mins
and has a 600 meter video range
we don't really offer any that fly longer than that
what brand is the q500
Joe C.
is it fairly rugged?
Joe C.
yes, comparatively so
none can fall out of the sky without damage
but for intended use it is great
many friends use them for photo peojects
and we do hae one with a nice case for transportation
do you see the "ideas" to the right?
i will look at itshortly. Can you do stills?
Joe C.
video shows up live on the controller screen
and you can capture still pics recorded inthe camera controlled by it
how do you get the photography to computer
Joe C.
take out the memory card and insert into the computer
what sort of software do you need
Joe C.
you need 4k capable viewer/editor for 4k video
but you can run in 1080 mode also
it is one of the settings controlled by the controller
any video program should handle that
only newer monitors/software can do 4k-- it just came out this year
do you know what I mean by 4k?
Joe C.
4k is the resolution-- over 4000 lines of horizontal video
(it is 4 times the 1080 standard most HD tvs use now)
is a camera included with theq500
Joe C.
one version has that and 2 extra batteries/ plus a hand held grip if you want to do ground sabilized video
all q500 versions come with the camera
what is ground stabilized video
Joe C.
you can remove the camera from the quad to take hand held video
can you buy extra batteries
Joe C.
thanks for your help . When I purchase can I get back toyou
Joe C.
if you like
we have many guys here who know this system also
I work most days this same shift
you can ask for me if you like
i will. This will be my first drone and I have some inertia - lots of confusing info out there
Joe C.
gotcha, yes, always lots to learn ;-)(
(that is what keeps it fun :-)
ps: how high do these go
Joe C.
there is a software limitation that limits it to 400 feet
but that can be altered with a computer interface if needed
I think that would do
Joe C.
400 feet is a safe distance that suffices in most cases
Joe C.
you're welcome, good hunting