Can you connect the micro fpc camera 3.6 to your phone?

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James H.
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Hey I was wondering if you connect this camera to your phone to go fpv.
James H.
Unfortunately not, this is desinged to be used in a standard FPV application where you are using a video transmitter to transmit the signal back to a headset.
Ok but is there any cameras that will connect to your phone?
James H.
In order to view on your phone you would need to have a system that used an HDMI out port and most of the common phiones these days do not offer that sort of system.
Alright how would you go about having your camera connect to your monitor
James H.
It would require a VTX or video transmitter and then you would need to have a receiver connectedto your monitor which would then display what the camera sees onto that screen.
It is basically the same setup as when using a headset.