Will fat shark work with st10+ ?

Joe C.
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Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the mach25?
will fat shark work with st10+
Joe C.
sorry no
fatshark uses 5.8ghz analog video
will anything work with st10+
Joe C.
st10+ uses wifi
i thought st10 uses 5.8
Joe C.
yes but a different format (wifi-- not analog video)
do you understand the difference?
Joe C.
there is a slight delay in wifi
yeah there is
Joe C.
(it is processed much more)
Joe C.
wifi isnt' good for true "fpv"
so what about dxe
Joe C.
what would you like to know?
sorry at work
will it work with my 350 qx3
and dxe
Joe C.
yes it will
is it pretty cool
Joe C.
the dxe is a budget choice-- no computer features on board