Which boat is better for young children starting out? Traxxas Blast or Pro boat stelthwake?

Steven S.
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Hello! I’m Steven I have been a RC enthusiast for 7 Years. I help start a local RC Car Club.


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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 01, 2016

Steven S.
Hello! My name is Steven. How are you today? How can I assist you with some RC fun today?
Looking to get an RC boat from my 8 yr old son. trying to figure out if he may be better off with Traxxas Blast or Pro boat stelthwake. What are the big differences??
Steven S.
They both will go about the same speed but the Stealthwake would be the better boat. you will be able to get more parts for that boat.
ok. What about spare batteries or speedchargers. 6-8 min use for a day at the lake will not really work well. Any thoughts??
Steven S.
Yes let me pull that up for you. One moment.
That battery and charger will work great for that boat. quick charge and longer run times.
Great. Any idea how long to charge and run time?? What is speed of the boat?? Final questions. Appreciate you help.
Steven S.
It will be less then an hour to charge and about 15-20min run time.
Only other question. Am I better off spending money on Shockwave with lipo batteries and brushless motor??
Steven S.
For starting off the stock brushed motor and NIMH packs will be ideal.
Steven S.
You're very welcome.