what's the difference from mystic to geico?

Michael H.
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Shopper conversation with Michael H. on June 06, 2016

Michael H.
Hello! My name is Mike! What questions can I answer about the Mystic 29 today?
will u ever sell it agin
Michael H.
No idea, we aren't told what will be carried and what will not sorry
Any other questions I can answer for you today?
Is it a good boat
Michael H.
We do have this model
I fly airplanes and helicopters, but yes all our RC's are top notch
is that a nitro boat
Michael H.
No these two are both electric
Are you looking for Nitro?
what's the difference from mystic to geico
Michael H.
Miss Geico is 6S capable where the Mystic was only 4S capable
way faster boat
can use either 2 2S or 2 3S lipos in series as they are prewired for dual battery setups
no thank u very much
Michael H.
Have a great day! Feel free to come back and chat any time you have questions!!!!