What would be a good RC boat for a 10 year old?

Michael H.
RC Expert

Flying is my passion! Over 10yrs flying full scale, and over 2 yrs flying RC!


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Shopper conversation with Michael H. on June 06, 2016

Michael H.
Hello! My name is Mike! What questions can I answer about the Stealthwake today?
Looking for a good boat for my 10 year old son
Michael H.
How much are you looking to spend today?
i have the blackjack 29 v3
it depends on the quality
my boat is too fast for him
Michael H.
all our boats are top quality
Stealthwake would be a good choice, yes I think the Blackjack would be way too fast for someone that young
i read reviews on the recoil 17 and it seems as if people have had problems with it
Michael H.
Here is a brushed Cat that would also be a good choice, but not near as fast as your BJ
which would be more stable than a V design
less likely to flip over
Any other questions I can answer for you today?
what type of battery does that use and how fast does it go
Michael H.
6-cell 7.2V Ni-MH Speedpack battery with EC3 connector
We do not advertise speeds sorry
do u have any boats that use a single lipo battery
Michael H.
not that I'm aware of
most are dual lipo, 2 2S or 2 3S
for 4S or 6S setups
what about the blackjack 24
Michael H.
let me look
is there a miss gieco 24
Michael H.
Yes looking at the BJ24 is a single 2S or single 3S lipo
do u have a ms gieco 24 like that
Michael H.
No sorry only the 17 and 29
ok thank u
Michael H.
Have a great day! Feel free to come back and chat any time you have questions!!!!