Something cheaper than Voracity boat

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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 14, 2016

Michael D.
Hello, How are you ? My name is Mike, How can I help you have an RC good time ?
I was looking at getting the voracity boat but it's a little to pricey for me. Could you suggest something cheaper. I have a radio so I would need everything. I would consider something I had to build or assemble
Michael D.
how about the Geico ?
Hoping for something larger. My eyes aren't what they used to be
Something around the $300 mark
Michael D.
The shockwave sounds about right then :-)
Anything faster?
Sorry to be a pain
Michael D.
the impulse would be the next step up[
Maybe 400?
Michael D.
the impulse is 429$
Michael D.
31 inches , lots of power