Is there an upgrade available for the Recoil Boat?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on May 31, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the recoil?
Hello i have the recoil and i was wondering if there was a motor esc upgrade and maybe a prop upgrade available
ive seen in forums there is a trex 450 motor mod but i would prefer a clean swap without physically modifying the hull/shaft
Joe C.
sorry we don't list any "drop in" hop ups for it
ok do you happen to know if the motor dimensions happen to be a common size for rc boats? im just not sure where to start
Joe C.
not offhand, I would love to help but I am the aircraft expert on duty now and there are no surface experts available until 3 PM Eastern time when Michael D arrives. Also Steven S will be available 9 AM Eastern time tomorrow. Would you like to try back later?
Michael or Steven would know and might offer an alternative
that will be fine i appreciate the help
Joe C.
you're welcome