Can you suggest a starter RC boat for my 12 year old?

Brett C.
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Shopper conversation with Brett C. on June 14, 2016

Brett C.
Hi there, How can I help today?
He Brett, quick question, I have absolutely no experience with RC boats and looking for a boat for my 12 year old. would be used in salt water in a canal and I'm looking for a suggestion on a starter boat for him. of course he wants something fast but I'm more concerned with price and quality as I'm not a handy guy. I've looked at a lot of boats on your site and see a mix of reviews as always so I wanted to see what you'd suggest
Brett C.
something like this would be my suggestion
has a decent turn if speed but is still nice and stable
thx, what would be the next step up from that in terms of price and quality in your opinion? and will salt water kill all of these or are they pretty durable if they're rinsed and cleaned with freshwater after each use
Brett C.
it will affect the lifetime but should be ok aslong as they are rinsed thoroughly after use
cool, thx. any others you suggest I consider that may be bigger and faster without breaking the bank? just want to share a few options with him
Brett C.
something like this is next best
similar size but brushless so a bit faster
can i be an idiot and ask what brushless means? i've seen it a few times but don't know what it actually means
and one more thing, are there warranty's on these? since I'm not handy I just wanted to see if it's trash once it breaks or if there's a warranty that would help out if it happens
Brett C.
brushless is a newer type of motor technology that is more efficient and more powerful basically
but it does cost more
there is a warranty yes and it can normally be found in the manual ont he page
ok, thx for your help, I really appreciate it.
Brett C.
no problem :-)