Can the Black Jack esc handle a 3s lipo?

Mike G.
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Shopper conversation with Mike G. on June 05, 2016

Mike G.
Hello my name is Mike. How are you today? I m a sales advocate for How can I assist you with a great purchase today? Is there something in particular you had in mind?
hi mike
Mike G.
looking to buy a black jack 24
Mike G.
Cool choice.
reviews have said that the esc cant handle a 3s lipo
does horizone carry a better esc
Mike G.
Yes it can.
We do but that boat has the support of HH if there is any issues. I have not had the first chat about that issue.
what garrentte is there from horizon to cover losses if this should occur
Mike G.
They go case by case but a year for that kind of stuff I do believe.
In writing
Mike G.
None. They can't because a lot of guys break stuff and want warranty.
so there is no garrente then at all. no warrentte
Mike G.
Not written. HH does stand by it's stuff though.
You won't a get any warrant form any one. HH supports it's stuff better than anyone in the industry.
i dont think i want to buy this boat any more
reviews state the issuses but u seen not to no about them
Mike G.
I have never had a chat for that issue.
il find a differene boat with better reviews
Mike G.
Ok. we have many to choose from. Let me know if I can assist.
aqua craft i will look into
Mike G.
Ok. Be sure to check the warranty on all the ones you look at.
good review tells everything about quallity
Mike G.
I respect that. It's always a great idea. I do that myself. I'm not a HH employee just a hobby guy. I like to check stuff very close.
9ot to go now
Mike G.
10-4. Come back any time. Thanks for the chat today. I appreciate it a lot.