Will the radio from the chanp s+ (MLP6DSM) Work for the Mini apprentice?

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James H.
Hello, My name is James and I am here to assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs. I see you are looking at some now. Can I answer any questions about them?
Will the radio from the chanp s+ (MLP6DSM) Work for the Mini apprentice ?
James H.
It would bind up but it would not be the best option for range.
What type of range would you get with the radio that normally comes with the mini apprentice that sells for $229.00?
James H.
It would be a full range transmitter and that would be a range greater then what you would be able to physically seen the MLP6DSM, would offer you a couple hundred feet roughly.
Is that transmitter powered by 4 AA or more?
James H.
It is powered by AA batteries as well.
I did not quite understand your range difference between the radio ranges, Please review your answer above. Also the number of double AA batteries for each transmitter the MLP6DSM has four I was wondering if the transmitter for the mini has more than four.
James H.
Both transmitters would use 4 AA batteries there is also an upgraded lithium battery available that is rechargable. The DXe which is the transmitter that is inlcuded with the Mini Apprentice is a full range transmitter which would provide you a distance which would be greater then what you could physicall see the aircraft.
I think I understand now, Thank you
James H.
You are very welcome.