Will the DXE transmitter work with the Micro Brushless P-51?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on August 04, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the dxe?
Hello. I was looking at getting the micro brushless P-51 and wondered if this would be an appropriate tx?
Joe C.
sure, that will work fine for it
I also have a ton of Blade Nanos and Nano 3D and wondered if I could just use their Tx?
Joe C.
this mustang has AS3X only
so there are no special switches or flight modes you'll need to program
so you could use the heli radios too
That would be nice. Save a tad extra. :-)
Joe C.
Well I just got another coupon from you folks so I may as well put it to use.
Joe C.
Works out because I have a half dozen Nano radios. lol
And a couple Nano 3D radios.
Joe C.
they do stack up
No idea what I did with my micro P51 and Cub radios though.
Too many toys.
Joe C.
you can use them for wireless trainers with the gen 2 radios
did you know that?
Wireles trainer?
Joe C.
yes for budy boxing
do you know what I mean?
Don't know what that is.
Joe C.
for training other flyers
Joe C.
(master / slave)
the lower power radios that don't have trainer ports can still be used for training wirelessy
Well thanks for the help! I will order the plane, 4 batteries and the charger now. :-)
I assume that newer EDF micro you all have requires a 6 channel?
Joe C.
it has SAFE
(flight modes plus panic button)
Crap, seems I deleted the email that had the discount code.
Oh well
Joe C.
are you signed up?
you should have gotten some today
Thank you and have a spectacular day!
Joe C.
thanks you too