Will a 4s 1800 pack work in the Mystique 2.9m?

James H.
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Shopper conversation with James H. on July 27, 2016

James H.
Hello, I am James! Welcome to Horizon Hobby, how can I assist you with finding the right item to suit your needs?
Will a 4s 1800 pack work in the Mystique 2.9m
James H.
The motor and ESC would handle a 4s but with the recommended setup and prop it ould not be ideal.
Not heavy enough?
James H.
I am not sure what you mean not heavy enough.
To balance properly with that pack
James H.
You would need to adjust your setup for running a 4s is all.
Im not going to run the stock setup. Horizon's prices are way to high for their esc and motors
More worried about CG issues with teh lighter pack
James H.
The setup they recommend works well, with other setups it would depend on what the weight of the items were as to how the CG would be effected.