Which scale plane is best for an intermediate pilot just starting to fly ailerons?

Michael H.
RC Expert

Flying is my passion! Over 10yrs flying full scale, and over 2 yrs flying RC!


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Shopper conversation with Michael H. on June 01, 2016

Michael H.
Hello! My name is Mike! What great RC fun can I help you find today?
can you go to the scale planes selection?
Michael H.
yes what plane are you interested in today?
out of all those scale planes which one would you suggest for me
i'm intermediate
starting to fly alerons
Michael H.
what planes exactly have you flown before?
night vapor duet starting to fly the delta ray and will fly a umx yak 54 180 and then the f4u corsair from hobbyzone
Michael H.
Move up to a larger trainer first such as the Apprentice
get a good feel for flying a 4 channel airplane and larger size plane
ok what about the mini apprentice
would that work as well
Michael H.
but it hasn't been released yet
ok after the mini apprentice what next
Michael H.
if you are wanting to move towards warbirds, a T28 Trojan
such as this one
this willl work what next to kind of " WOW " your fellow pilots
Michael H.
It's not about "Wowing" your fellow pilot's, it's about staying within your abilities
ok ok what next
Michael H.
I'd suggest asking some of the senior pilot's in your club
well remember this after th f4u
Michael H.
no you want to fly the T28 before a Corsair
T28 is a warbird trainer
used full scale to train warbird pilot's
but it doesn't have safe
Michael H.
Warbirds are NOT NOT NOT trainers
the f4u does the one from hobbyzone
Michael H.
especially Corsairs
really bad tip stall characteristics
at low airspeeds
so the t-28 is better for a warbird trainer
Michael H.
once you can fly the Mini Apprentice in Expert mode without the aide of the Panic Recovery in all orientations, move up to the T28
ok so after the t-28 i will get the f4u what would you suggest for me after that plane
Michael H.
Yes you should be able to fly any Warbird after flying the T28
ok thanks
Michael H.
Have a great day! Feel free to come back and chat any time you have questions!!!!