Which RC Planes have GPS Fance?

James H.
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James H.
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what plane has gps fance
James H.
The Sportsman + offers that feature.
is it has a features like apprentice?
James H.
It does, but a bit more as well, this offers the auto land and it will also circle you.
how secure is the fance becouse i already losed 2 planes olmost lose 500$
James H.
The GPS system is reliable, but with anything along those lines it is not bullet proof, you also need to calibrate they system from time to time to enusre it has the best GPS lock and location possible.
It has a self land option and also an option that allows it to circle you as well.
It is meant to aid a beginner, not be a stand alone function, the over all ability is still in the pilots hands.
thank you is horizon have any equipment that can help help find a lost plane within at least a mile range?
James H.
Unfortunately there isn't currently anything along those lines offered at this time, speficifcally for R/C use.