Which plane is better for group flying? The Radian BNF or Pitts

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 01, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the radian?
hi is the radian better than the pitts
Joe C.
they are completely different styles of plane
what kind of flying do you want to do?
group flying
Joe C.
the radian is very slow so it may help in that regard
the pitts is aerobatic and can be challenging to fly precisely
although in wind over 5 mph I'd rather have a pitts
a lot of people really like flying the radian
Joe C.
we fly the radian umx both indoors and out
it's a good thermal finder also near the ground
but it doesnt' have ailerons like the pitts so it's not aerobatic
would the pitts be better than the radian even if my friend is a beginner
Joe C.
really the only way they are similar is they can fly with the same size battery
did you know that?
no the radian is MUCH better for beginners
Joe C.
the pitts is more fragile-- being a biplane
what do you mean "no the radian is MUCH better for beginners?"
Joe C.
the radian is much easier to fly
ah ok
can you click on the UMX radian or get to the page
Joe C.
do you see it now?
ok than can you please get to the page with the radian
yes i see it
are to the page
Joe C.
what do you need to know?
are you to the page sorry forgot the "you" part
um you see that picture in the share your photos with the community section
Joe C.
which one do you mean?
the one with the radian with some sort of floats how do you think he or she did that
the second picture
Joe C.
likely they just stuck carbon fiber rods into the foam to mount the floats
another question
Joe C.
that's how I would do it
ok gotcha
Joe C.
would the sport cub s be able to land in ssnow with floats on if it can would it do it very well?
Joe C.
it could if the snow isn't too fluffy or bumpy
ok go to the sport cub s page
Joe C.
you there?
take your time
Joe C.
ok do you see the THIRD picture with the sport cub s with floats on in the snow
Joe C.
does that snow look fluffy or bumpy or niether
cause i don't know
Joe C.
it looks a little aged-- it should work fine in it
he just tilted the plane to "take a bow" for the picture
but I think it would slide fine in snow like that
ok what if just snowed outside and you went to fly would it work well
Joe C.
most likely?
or not most likely
Joe C.
it depends on the snow condition as I said
thanks bye