What's the difference between the motors EFLM7225 vs HBZ7134 vs EFLM7450?

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Shopper conversation with Dwight E. on December 15, 2016

Dwight E.
Hello, how can I assist you?
im doing a cub build
Dwight E.
of the carbon z?
its a modified cub
in between super cub and carbon cub looks like
parts ripped so rebuild
looking at motors whats the diff between
EFLM7225 vs HBZ7134 vs EFLM7450
plane has 70" long 80" wing
Dwight E.
the hbz motor is a brushed gear motor for a much smaller plane
do you know the weight of the plane ?
You are wanting to go with BL50
trying to keep costs down so was looking at others
Dwight E.
same price, but there is this one as well
wt. about 50-60oz in my calc loaded
Dwight E.
the plane is 50- 60oz?
maybe 70 ox best i can calc
so kv bl10 is 1250kv n bl50 525kv how does kv work is higher better or opposite pls?
Dwight E.
I didn't realize the plane was going to be that small. I would recommend the power 15
the lower the kv, the more powerful (torque) the motor has
its not small
1/4 scale smaller than carbon cub
made from foam not carbon z
Dwight E.
right. I was thinking the saame size as the carbon cub.
lower kv more torque that makes sense
Dwight E.
I'm confident that the 15 is the power combo that you are looking for. If you wish to purchase just click on the link I sent you and that will take it straight to your cart
ok thx
Dwight E.
no problem. is there anything else you were looking for?
another question to keep costs down I am using super cub s as template
now except for motore
it already come with 3000 mah batteries do you think it will work with 950 motor esc and rx from super cub s pls?
Dwight E.
should work just fine
one slight change adding ailerons and flaps do you know what servos I need pls?
Dwight E.
these would work
4 of them right
Dwight E.
6 with flaps
will super cub s esc rx work with ailerons flaps do I need diff ones pls?
Dwight E.
It will work perfectly with your setup
ok thx
Dwight E.
no problem
one more ?
I dont see esc n rx listed on parts list for super cub s do you know which ones please?
Dwight E.
there ya go!
thx and rx pls?
Dwight E.
that is the esc reciever combo
cool thx
Dwight E.
i looked it up is there a another controller used to plug in servos?
Dwight E.
no. thanks all there.