What would be a good plane to fly around an area with trees?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 28, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the cub?
this is the one from parkzone not the one from eflite just so you know
Joe C.
it is discontinued
what would be a good plane just fly around you back yard mine has trees just so you know
Joe C.
for low wind the champ and sport cub s are good flyers
have you seen them?
Joe C.
the spacewalker is also a lot of fun
that is my first choice
the spacewalker is your first choice right?
just making sure
Joe C.
do you see it?
Joe C.
we fly them in formations of 10 or more all winter long in a small gym
um what about the EfliteUMXGeebeeR2
would that work?
Joe C.
sorry I'm not familar with that currently, where are you looking?
ok go to the BNF Planes category
see the boxes that say best selling all exclude discontinued
Joe C.
can you show me a link please?
click on the arrrow with the box that says "exclude discontinued" and click on dicontinued only
um i don't know how
can you tell me how
Joe C.
ok I see that is discontinued
are you on the page
Joe C.
it would be fast and not really a good flyer for tight quarters
well i don't have A LOT of trees just 6 and they are spread out
Joe C.
gee bees need to be flown pretty fast
they aren't very forgiving in general
there's two next to each with a gap in the middle and same with two others the last one is by itselfother
Joe C.
so what would you recommend
Joe C.
or the umx mustang if you have space and it's windy out
those are my two favorite umx planes
what about the umx 342 with as3x by eflite
Joe C.
it's larger
what battery did you want to use?
it's also discontinued so go to the discon tinued category
Joe C.
what are you flying now?
battery 200mah 2s 7.4v 25c plane = dleta ray
Joe C.
what ultra micro or UMX > 3D < plane would you recommend
to fly in my back yard of front yard it only has to small trees frontyard has a decent amout of space
Joe C.
for 3d the multiplex stuntmaster is the best small one we offer
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
something BNF it can be discontinued like the parkzone SU-26 or the eflite umx AS3Xtra or the parkzone SU-26xp
or the eflite umx yak 54 180
or the eflite umx beast 3d
it can be bnf basic
as well
Joe C.
do you see what I wrote above?
but out of all the ones i just neamed which one would you recommend
i am adding the umx sbach bnf and bnf basic with AS3X342
so out of all of the planes i have named which one would you suggest
Joe C.
are you learning 3d?
well does the hobbyzone F4U corsair do hovers cause if it can yes if it can't then i will be learning 3d
it the F4u corsair can hover then no i am not LEARNING 3D i am already a little excpierienced
but if the hobbyzone F4U corsair doesn't hover then i AM learning 3D
>>>>>>>>I AM LEARNING 3D <<<<<<<<
Joe C.
none of the ones you mentioned are good for learning 3d
so what 3d plane do yuo suggest for me
Joe C.
the as3xextra is the best micro size, or the visionaire
or the stuntmaster
what about the paarkzone sukhoi SU-26xp BNF i think that is a really fogiving plane i would think so because it's lreally lightweight
or the UMX yak 54 180 BNF with AS3X for the same reason
so between those two which one would you suggest
Joe C.
pick the as3x one