What remote comes with the Apprentice S 15?

James H.
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Shopper conversation with James H. on June 27, 2016

Hi James sorry I got cut off !
James H.
Hello, I am James! Welcome to Horizon Hobby, how can I assist you with finding the right item to suit your needs?
I was asking what remote came with the apprentice s 15
James H.
That includes the DX5e I believe let me double check for you.
That is the one indeed.
and how far down the list would I have to go from the apprentice until I reach the radian ?
i just want to know how those two models compare
in your opinion
James H.
I think you could fly the radain once you got the hang of the Apprentcie or flying in general.
I would say radain is comparable, but a different stlye of flying, you tend to soar with the radain where as the Apprentice S 15e. tends to fly faster and therefore you have to think a little quicker.
oh ha! ok on the apprentice then - would you recommend going BNF plus a different remote or is the one that comes with the RTF model okay?
James H.
The one that comes with the model would be ideal for that model, but if you were looking to have a number of models then I would recommend going with something a little nicer.
Do you happen to know the range on the standard transmitter and receiver that come with it ?
James H.
The manufacture doesn't actually state a set distance, but it will provide you with a range greater then what you can actually see the model.
ok do you have a recommendation for a remote
that is a good step up and would last a while
but not be over kill
if i wanted to opt to go with the bnf option ?
James H.
The DX6 would be the one that I would recommend, it would work well with a number of models.
do you have a link handy for that model ?
James H.
Yes, one minute pleae.
ok great
thanks for your time
by the way do you know or have access to any info about laws and regulations
i want to know if i am okay or not supposed to fly over my neighborhood
James H.
You are very welcome, I am happy to help anytime that I can.
I would recommend looking at joining a flying club or finding a nice open field to fly. I am sure flying in your neighborhood would not be the best of ideals.
okay thanks !