What plane is better, P47 or P51?

Steven S.
RC Expert

Hello! I’m Steven I have been a RC enthusiast for 7 Years. I help start a local RC Car Club.


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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 02, 2016

Steven S.
Hello! My name is Steven. How are you today? how can I help you with the P-47 today?
which one would you choose this P-47 or the ultra micro P-51
Steven S.
I would go with the P-51. I own one and it fly great. It has a quicker roll rate to the P-47.
which one has better scale detail?
Steven S.
I would think the P-47 has better scale detail.
so over all the P-51
Steven S.
Over all scale looks the P-47 will be better but the p-51 flys better.
is the P-51 able to do better manouvers
Steven S.
Yes it will. It looks and barrol rolls perfectly.