What is the pros to the spacewalker vs the Sport Cub S with Safe Techonology?

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what is the pro with the plane vs Safe Techonology
Cory N.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
what is the pro to the spacewalker vs the Sport Cub S with Safe Techonology?
Cory N.
The Spacewalker is basic 3 Channel and does not have self levelingf
Does an Etomic Transmitter work with this plane or what are the compatible remotes for this model of the Sport Cub S with Safe Tech.?
Cory N.
Both require a Spektrum - The RTF Cub includes 1
For the Spacewalker, a DXe
DXe -http://www.horizonhobby.com/dxe-transmitter-only-spmr1000
Cory N.
That can work for the Spacewalker
and for the sport cub as well?
Cory N.
Yes , that also
Okay so where is the safe button on that transmitter?
Cory N.
On that, you use the mode switch
okay, So are you familiar with this plane INUM Elite airplane.
Kinda looks like a vapor only has a Rectangle wing and a bigger motor.
it is not on your website.
Cory N.
I have heard of that, yes
Is it a good beginner Airplane.
Cory N.
yes it would be
Is it better for the price than the spacewalker?
Cory N.
In my opinion, no
Are you looking to keep a certain price?
Yes, Less than an 100 dollars.
I can only afford that much for right now.
Cory N.
Hi there!
Hi, How are you?
Cory N.
Fantastic! Yourself?
I am looking for a good begginner plane for less than a 100 dollars?
Cory N.
Alrighty! Do you have a radio?
I am borrowing a Radio from one of my Airplane people that fly with me.
It is an Etomic Transmitter
it works with the vapor that I borrowing until I get a new Airplane.
Cory N.
Alrighty! Just a sec.
Might I recommend the Duet? it comes with everything needed to fly and is loads of fun.
How fast is that airplane and Is it better than the INUM Elite and the Spacewalker?
and does it come with a replacement for the Motor?
Cory N.
The Duet does about 15mph tops. The Inum Elite is an indoor slow flyer, not really a trainer. The Space walker does about 30mph at tops.
The duet motors can be purchased separately but it is half way impossible to break one.
Why is it impossible to break it. what about when you nose dive into the ground?
Cory N.
The motors are behind the nose. In order to break the motor you need to remove the spinner first and hit a pole directly on either wing at full speed.
Okay, So it is worth the 59.99 dollars for this airplane, and it is really a great price for what you buying. So what is packing strategy for keeping this airplane safe while shipping it to my house?
Cory N.
It comes in its original packaging fully assembled and enclosed in a molded foam shell. The packaging is bubble wrapped in a regular shipping box. It would take a lot to hurt the aircraft while shipping.
So I am reading the review and it is a really good airplane. Okay, I might Consider this airplane among the two. Thanks for taking your time. Talk to you later. Bye.
Cory N.
Take care!