What is the most durabale rc plane for the best price?

Michael D.
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Shopper conversation with Michael D. on June 02, 2016

Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
Looking for a durable rc plane, best bang for the buck?
Michael D.
Beginner ?
Private pilot, some rc when I was younger
Michael D.
This is the best bag for the buck
Was looking at the carbon z cub but concerned due to it being made of foam....
Michael D.
You will find that the foamies are actually more durable than the balsa.
PLus the Carbon cub is carbon reinforced. super durability.
Ok. Would like one with flaps, is there a bundle package?
and are there different size brushless motor options?
Michael D.
For the CZ cub, the BNF would be the best package, you would just need a radio. flaps are installed.
What radio is a good one that won't bust the bank?
Michael D.
the motor in it is more than efficient. no need to upgrade, and if you do decide to change the motor. you end up changing alot of other things as well.
Best radio on a budget price
can you give me a price on plane and radio combined plus shipping
Michael D.
you can add the items to your cart and it will total for you. you can do the Free shipping today on this purchase.
That cub have flaps with servo already mounted
Michael D.
Ok thank you for your time.
Michael D.
My pleasure, is this a purchase you are making today ?
Probably will in just a couple minutes if I can navigate the site
Michael D.
ok, i will stay with you on chat and make sure all goes smoothly.
got any promo discount codes or anything ?
Michael D.
unfortunately not today .
pnp or bnf?
Michael D.
you will want the BNF version
I have added it to your ideas on the right of our chat
whats the diff?
Michael D.
do you have batterys and charger already ?
the PNP does not have a reciever in it.
No sure don't
Michael D.
How do I add to cart?
Michael D.
you can click the item link in he chat , and then add to cart
Ok got all four items in cart.. Anything else I may need....necessity stuff?
Michael D.
Never hurts to have an extra prop :-)
Understand thank you
Michael D.
You got it !
Thank you and have a great day
Michael D.
you as well :-)
Happy Flying !