What is the difference between the Fat shark V3 dominator and the HD V2

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Michael D.
Hello ! How are you ? My name is Mike , How can i help you have an R/C good time ?
looking for fpv headset. What is the difference between the Fat shark V3 dominator and the HD V2
Michael D.
the v2 is HD with a fan and faceplate
Explain the face plate and HD
Michael D.
HD is high definition video. the v3 is only 720/ and there is a cooling fan to keep sweat down in the face of the googles
I believe I read somewhere the V3 had a 30 degree view and the HD had 50 degree. What difference does that make?
Michael D.
wider viewing angle means you would see more
Is that a big deal
Michael D.
personal preference, bigger is better right :-)
seeing more of what you are looking at is always a good thing :-)
If youy were new to the Fpv world which would you suggest
Michael D.
i would go with the V2
Is there anything else I need to get to get the v2 to work. IE antenna, battery etc
Michael D.
matching antennas
are there different types
Michael D.
very much so
clover would be the best for starting out
SpiroNet 5.8GHz RHCP Ant Set (2pc)
Is this the same thing as the module
Michael D.
im sorry ?
the link i sent is right hand polarity clover antennas
So that's all I need to make it work
Michael D.
what are you using it on ?
for now a nano, but I would like to use it on airplanes, small park flyers maybe
Michael D.
cool. clearly you will need the other end, camera, receiver, etc.
good to go
is this a purchase you are ready to make tonight ?
I need to get Mommas approval. Don't really need it, but we usually talk. Dhe is such a cheapo!! Just doesn't understand you know
Michael D.
gotcha, if you want to go do that now, i can give you 10% off the price and free shipping tonight :-)
Can't wake her.. She gets up really early for work..Don't want to screw the pooch
Michael D.
i see, ok,. well we are here , anything else i can assist with tonight ?
No..I realy appreciate the help. I'll definitely be in touch
Michael D.
my pleasure, sounds good. you have a great night.
You too