What is the difference between the EFL 5250 BNF and the EFL 5275 PNP?

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Shopper conversation with Erik P. on June 28, 2016

Erik P.
Hi im Erik and welcome to horizon hobby! How can I help you with the timber today?
EFL 5250 BNF vs EFL 5275 PNP what's the difference?
Erik P.
the pnp comes without a recevier
I'm very good with the real flight interlink Elite controller, though it's reversed; European I think they call it with the throttle on the right. Can I get a transmitter that is set up that way that is so versatile that I can use it with many other RC airplanes in the future?
Erik P.
yeah thats completely possible!
Number of channels, Safe flight, self leveling, can you recommend a transmitter or where I can go to compare all the possibilities for transmitters; there's so many variations I don't know where to start with that.....
Erik P.
this one right here is absolutely perfect