What is the cost of the SAFE Technology option and is this the same as the SAFE technology on the Sport Cub S ?

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Hello, The Timber apparently comes with optional SAFE Select Technology. What is the cost of the option and is this the same as the SAFE technology on the Sport Cub S ?
James H.
There is no aditional cost to the SAFE technology, and let me check on the version of the SAFE tech that is offers.
SAFE Select reduces your work load by compensating for pitch changes automatically, regardless of throttle position. It will help keep the correct
pitch attitude and wings level during the fi nal approach. Whether you re a beginner or an expert, SAFE Select can make your fl ights a great experience.
Another HH tech rep this afternoon stated that it had the 3 levels of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced plus the Panic feature. Some of the comments on your site say that it is only the Panic. I'm confused on what this technology is.
James H.
What I stated was right from the manual itself.
I understand the SAFE on the Sport Cub S and I like it a lot for showing beginners. So this does not have the 3 levels then. OK But do you select it or is it always there with lower throttle or something like that.
James H.
The Sport Cub S is only offering AS3X.
Im sorry I was thinking of the Sport Cub.
I have three of them and they all have the SAFE technology. I'm talking about the ultra micro
James H.
I just relaized you were refering to the small UMX sized one.
The Timber doesn't offer a SAFE like that model, the timber is using a newer SAFE version that can be turned on and off via a switch.
OK Thanks
James H.
When activated, bank and pitch limitations keep you from
over-controlling and automatic self-leveling makes recovery from risky or confusing attitudes as simple as releasing the sticks. In fact, with the aileron, elevator
and rudder sticks in the neutral position, SAFE Select will automatically keep the airplane in a straight and level attitude.
That above portion is also from the manual as well.