What is a good RTF with SAFE Technology?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 07, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the corsair?
hi looking for rtf with safe technology I think
Joe C.
The apprentice is good, so is the sportsman s+
have you seen them?
Is that the technology that lets you flip a switch to recover the plane, auto land, and set boundries
Joe C.
I was looking at this F4U Corsair
Joe C.
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
How does the one I'm looking at and the Sportsman S+ compare?
Joe C.
SAFE offers 3 flight modes: beginner, intermediate and expert. Beginner mode stops the plane from rolling (into the ground-- common when learning).
All modes offer a "panic button" you can press if you get disoriented which auto levels the aircraft from any attitude.
the s+ is the "auto land" sytem
it has a gps on board
so the Corsair doesn't have the GPS?
much cooler looking plane
Joe C.
I am getting this for my 11 year old as an entry level see if you like before we invest additional money
Joe C.
ok any of these will likely help him learn quickly
also I can recommend a simulator like the phoenix
have you seen it?
can I add a gps to the corsair or for that matter can I buy one that is not RTF and make it Safe S+
not yet
Joe C.
sorry no that is a function of the included receiver
So let me rephrase if I bought a DX9 and then the right " brains" not sure what you call the GPS and CPU and then the gyro's could I build the same functionality
Joe C.
sorry no
The SAFE equipped receivers are programmed with gyro gains specific to the models they accompany. If you swap them into another aircraft uncontrollable oscillations may result.
Ah so if you want that technology you can't build a plane from the ground up scratch you have to buy a pre packaged, because they assume if your building from the ground up you don't need it?
Joe C.
So it is likely they will release S+ on these other models
so the discounting may be to clear inventory for Gen 2
Joe C.
probably not because price keeps most away for the s+
SAFE seems pretty foolproof on its own without need for GPS functions
manyhave success with panic button and flight limiting alone
you can read about safe here: http://flysaferc.com/
So re explain the difference of the S+ is that auto landing and take off only? I thought the GPS was needed to level the plane off in a dive etc...
Joe C.
and then contrast with the gps fuctions of the sportsman
so the safe video looks like it does every thing.
Joe C.
prety much yes
does the sportsman video show the difference
Joe C.
which is why I normally recommend the apprentice as our best trainer overall
it is the largest and most powerful for wind and rough terrain
corsair is good too but not as large or powerful or as forgiving for ground handling
ok one sec looking at planes
Joe C.
unless you really need the gps flight boundary I recommend the apprentice over the sportsman
steering around in normal SAFE beginner mode is very easy-- just watch out for trees
depends without a boundary if your plane starts to loose connection or signal str does it auto turn around without GPS boundarty
Joe C.
that never happens in practice
the control range is over a mile line of sight (much farther than you can see)
Joe C.
so autoland and gps fence are really the only benefits of s+ over SAFE
and some find the orientation process of s+ cumbersome
so that may be a bit complex in my view and a reason to stick with bare SAFE
on the video you showed me it looked like it had auto land and take off or maybe just assist
Joe C.
which one?
SAFE will mimic "auto land" with minimal directional inputs. Normally kids get this very fast anyway
the flysafe one
ah ok
so the largest plane they make with safe is the one you sent me
Joe C.
apprentice yes
did you see the phoenix sim?
not yet
Joe C.
here it is
I think he might get bored with that first I think he needs to get the excitement of flying and then switch to a sim for more adv moves
Joe C.
ok it helps greatly with learning new moves
and 3d flight
you get free upgrades and new model downloads for life with it
will the controller that comes with that plane be able to be used with future planes / drones/ heli
Joe C.
in most cases it will work fine
but you will need to re bind each time you switch models
can you add a front facing camera to a plane?
Joe C.
you know anything about the Yuneec Typhoon Hexacopter
Joe C.
what do you want to know?
how would you compare it to like a dji pro 4
Joe C.
sorry we don't offer or support dji products
havent' seen that model first hand
but in general you'll find our service and support is head and shoulders above DJI