What is a good plane that can handle wind?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on July 27, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the champ?
Hi Im Paul and from d I just recently bought a Sport Cub S
from horizon and it blew away on its maiden flight
Will virtual fence prevent that
Joe C.
sorry to hear
no, not if the wind is faster than the plane can fly
a wind of 20 to 30 mph will surely do the same thing
for a plane the size of the champ I wouldn't fly it in more than 10 to 12 mph
Can it handle more wind and have more speed than the sport cub S
Joe C.
yes a little more
sport cub s maybe 8 mph max
the champ up to 10 to 12
Joe C.
Debating on another sport cub S or spending more money on plane and batts and going with champ s+
Joe C.
is it very windy where you fly often?
larger planes like the apprentice fare much better in wind
how much room do you have to fly?
This is my first time with a plane. Ive flown quads at my house quite a bit
for the plane i went to soccer field at local high school
Joe C.
ok a soccer field is enough for it
I wanted smaller plane for smaller area to fly and transport in my small car. I know they can't handle wind etc as well
as big plane
It was pilot error I lost cub. Building was blocking wind. Should of walked out in field to check
Joe C.
It will cost me
about $100 more for champ because I don't have any 2s batteries
not sure I want or need to spend the extra money
what is your opinion
Joe C.
if you need to stay small the champ would be easier for you
it has more power and the s+ technology with gps
so it is certainly a better tool for learning to fly
but dont' depend on the gps to do everything-- if you fly in low wind days and follow the instructions you'll have success
but it is more complex in that regard
sometimes guys like simpler planes to learn
if not the champ then youd say get another sport cub
Joe C.
if you prefer small planes yes. A Delta Ray would be the next size up-- also with SAFE
have you seen it?
Joe C.
lot bigger
Joe C.
thanks for your help and advice
have a good day
Joe C.
you're welcome