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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 14, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the radian pro?
Yes. I have been flying or many years but have been wanting a glider for a while. I like this radian pro and I think the price is reasonable but I am not sure that my transmitter can do all the sailplane mixes. My current radio is a JR XP6102 6 channel.
Joe C.
is that the 2.4 ghz version?
No it is the original 72mhz version, but I have converted it to 2.4ghz myself.
Joe C.
gotcha, you can control it with 6 channels
flaps and ailerons are on a y harness
so you really only need 5 channels
Oh okay. And the 5th and 6th channel switches on my radio are only 2 position switches. Is that still okay?
Joe C.
flaps will be either on or off
but ailerons will work as normal
better radios would allow analog positioning and possible elevator compensation with flap deployment
so it's up to you if you want that you'd need to upgrade
and you'd need at least 7 channels if you wanted a "full house" setup for camber/crow possibilities
so an older dx7 or dx8 or better would be best for that option
I understand.I have been considering upgrading the radio but it still works great. The crow and camber is what I wanted to know if I could do. I suppose not with my current radio. Thanks
Joe C.
What is the average flight time on one of these?
Joe C.
well that depends on your thermal skills
normally motor bost is only 5 seconds or so
so flights canlast 30 mins to an hour that way if you catch thermals
or longer
That's what I like to hear. I understand the flying skills and weather conditions have to be taken into consideration. But I like those possibilities.
Alright, many thanks.
that is all
Joe C.
you're welcome