Is the Radian XL 2.6m BNF Basic available without a receiver?

Erik P.
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Shopper conversation with Erik P. on June 27, 2016

Erik P.
Hi im Erik and welcome to horizon hobby! How can I help you with the radian today?
is this going to be available without a receiver?
Erik P.
i do not believe so unfortunately =/
if you have a recevier you would like to put in you could always swap it out for it
i don't fly dsmx
except for small park flyers
Erik P.
okay well it is reverse compatable
with dsm2 if you have a dsm2 radio
i don't trust dsm2/x for anything at distance like a sailplane
Erik P.
that is what i am trying to say
Erik P.
well you can alwas put your own stuff in
too many issues in the past
which reciever is it?
is it one that is preprogrammed to this plane with the as3x or is it one that could be resold and used on other planes?
Erik P.
i believe it is ar636
is the as3x on it one that can be reprogrammed?
Erik P.
yes for sure on this one
thanks, then it has resale value
thanks a bunch
Erik P.
yep you got it