I'm a newbie interested in powered gliders with retractable gear. Which one do you suggest?

James H.
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James H.
Hello, I am James! Welcome to Horizon Hobby, how can I assist you with finding the right item to suit your needs?
To start: I am a complete newbee. That said, I am interested in powered gliders, and I think I want one with retractable gear. Any suggestions?
James H.
Would this be your first aircraft ever or have you flown somethings in the past?
This would be my first aircraft, but I own a spectrum DX8 and I use RealFlight 7.5.
James H.
ok, normally the powered gliders with retractable gear are very larger, as in the 150 + wing span range, as for a beginner aircraft I personally would not recommend something along those lines as they are fairly challenging to fly and can be quite tricky.
I wold recommend something like the Radian as it would be a bit more manageable for a beginner.
How does that compare to your Conscendo? Does either have retractable?
James H.
They do not and they would be fairly the same the Conscendo is a bit faster due to it having an alomt straigh wing.
What is your first model with retractable?
James H.
I want to be able hand launch (obviously) as well as progree to wheeled takeoff.
James H.
Gilders don't normal do wheeled takeoff's they usually use a cart that allows them to roll since the wheel is normally small.
The glider I showed you can be hand lanuced, but that is really the hard way to do it.
Okay, I've already learned something! Where do I find more information about this cart?
James H.
Well for the ASW it is offered as an additional item.
I'm sorry, I'm a newbee. What is the ASW?
James H.
That is the 1st aircraft that we offer with the retractable gear the link above the last will take you to that item
At 4.7m, that baby sounds HUGE!?
James H.
185 inches long.
Wow! I think my head is spinning!! I need to go back and look at the links you have provided. Thank you for your help.