i want to buy some batteries and charger for the UMX J-3 Cub

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 21, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the cub?
Joe C.
Hi, how may I assist?
i want to buy some batteries and charger for this plane
Joe C.
great, let me show you
can you help me find a good charger?
Joe C.
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
also do you have larger batteries you will want to charge ?
yes i see the batteries, could you please add the charger too?
Joe C.
there is an inexpensive charger that will handle these, but usually guys opt for a more versatile charger
did you want a cheap charger?
or a full featured one?
could you show me both
Joe C.
i prefer more versatile, but i want to see both
Joe C.
ok this micro will do these
but I would recommend a better charger like the kinexis 80w
full menu features and good power/dollar ratio
if you go with the kinexis you wil lneed the adapter to charge these batteries
hm... there is not much of a price difference.
do they differ in features?
Joe C.
here is the cheap one
(works only with these batteries)
and you could get a power supply for it
can i charge bigger batteries too?
Joe C.
but the kinexis is the most versatle
yes up to 6 cells on thekinexis
and 3300mah capacity
you can go larger but it would take mroe time
do i need the adapter for the kinexis charger?
Joe C.
i see lot's of adapters on the pic that shoudl come with it. for the 2 cell i need still another one?
Joe C.
where are you looking?
I only showed you one adapter
do you see the picture to the left?
(with the blue arrow?)
kx80 comes with several adapters, right?
Joe C.
ok gotcha
yes you still need this
because to balance these batteries it needs two ports from the battery
(balance and main port)
these 2s packs only hve a "balance" style connector
so the charger needs a parallel connection to work
ok, let me read the materials, thank you very much
Joe C.
you're welcome