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Shopper conversation with Mike G. on June 11, 2016

Mike G.
Hello my name is Mike. How are you today? I m a sales advocate for Horizonhobby.com. How can I assist you with a great purchase today? Is there something in particular you had in mind?
Wondering if you can still get the older Yellow UMX Haby??
Interested in UMX Habu
Also looking at F-16 EDF
Mike G.
No, the yellow is no longer available.
Is there any difference between the older one and new red/white one??
Mike G.
Just a bit up dated. The parts won't interchange.
Hmmm. Ok.
Is the F-16 same size??
Yes. I am interested for sure.
Is the F-16 same size?
Mike G.
Yes, it is the same size.
Any major diff. between F-16 and new Habu??
I mean...$20 more bucks for Habu. Just wondering what ya get...
I'm a LONG time Horizon customer....
Mike G.
No, the parts are the same really. Just what the market will bear.
Have you flown either one?
Buddy has the old one. FUN to fly. EASY.
Would be my first EDF. I'm a Warbird guy.
Mike G.
I've flown them both. They are very fun and easy. I love the small light stuff.
Gear on Habu looks a little better geometry....
Wider mains. Narrow in F16
Mike G.
Correct. Just a bit though.
Lie Navy paint job...
Similar to the T45 Gawshock
Mike G.
I hear ya there.
I'm not currently signed into my account...
FYI...Just got the Foke Wulf 190. LOVE it.
And the new B-25 is GREAT.
Mike G.
VERY impressed with the B-25
Love that scale. Relaxing and fun.
Mike G.
I want one.
All you have to do is add the items you want into the cart. When ready to check out I'll grab you a code.
the Wulf is great. discontinued model but found one new at our local shop.
Mike G.
Cool. Grab onto it.
Its a ground-looping wanna-be but once you get tail-wheel off ground, its great. Gear a little stiff with those foamy tires.
Will do retracts most likely.
Mike G.
Great idea.
Ok. So load in Habu in cart.
Signed in and in-cart.
Does it come with a battery?
Mike G.
No, I'd gab at least 2.
Copy .
Will do.
Mike G.
I'll stand by while you finish the transaction in case you need me.
Done deal
Hope it goes out Monday!!
Guessing have it Thursday maybe....
Mike G.
Sweeeeeeetttt. Thanks a million. You will have it Wednesday or Thursday. I appreciate it very much.
Yea. thanks for the help and great deal!!
Love Horizon Hobby..
Only R/C company out there doing it RIGHT.
Mike G.
Thank you sooooooo much. My pleasure. Ask for Mike G. any time.
Will do.
Have a good weekend !!
Mike G.
You also. Happy landings.
Roger that!!