good fpv quad?

Erik P.
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Shopper conversation with Erik P. on June 05, 2016

Erik P.
Hi im Erik and welcome to horizon hobby! How can I help you with the 200 qx?
Are there bigger quads with gps that you use with theses FPV goggles?
Erik P.
none that use the goggles
but we definitely have bigger ones with fpv
I'm looking for a complete solution similar to this qx 200 bundle with goggles that might include a racer with GPS - not the Walkera product - for under 1000 dollars
Erik P.
this one here is what you will want
What other equipment is needed? Would the same goggles work?
Erik P.
same goggles will work
all you need is a transmitter
you can use something like a dx6
Would you mind listing all components that I would need and sending them to me in an email?
Erik P.
unfortunately i cannot email them to you
this is it right here
Ok - so the drone, plus the goggles, transmitter - anything else?
Erik P.
that would be it
If I wanted get an intermediate racer - would I be able to use this trasmitter?
Erik P.
yes you cewrtainly can
this transmitter can be used for pretty much anything we sell
Awesome - can you place thr goggles in the chat window too?
One last question - what kind of camera does this drone come with?
Erik P.
that i am not sure of actually
i do not have the details on it
i would ask tech support on that one
Call 888-959-2305
Ok thanks - so you still recommend the same goggles?
Erik P.
yes i do
Ok thanks for your help!
Erik P.
you got us but thanks for stopping in !