does the Vortex 285 come rtf or bnf?

Joseph C.
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Joseph C.
Hi there. I m Joe. How can I help you have some serious RC fun today? Is there a product or accessory that I can help you with?
does the Vortex 285 come rtf or bnf?
Joseph C.
This is a Kit and requires Battery, Charger and receiver
would a 6channel reciever for an airplane work? spektrum?
Joseph C.
Yes - It can but this would be better -
is this the newest vortex?
Joseph C.
No, this is - Vortex BNF -
so this is the newest vortex edition? and it comes with all electronics?
Joseph C.
Yes - Transmitter, Battery and charger needed
camera included?
all FPV stuff like VTX, antenna, camera everything except goggles?
does the receiver come with it?
Joseph C.
Yes - FPV camera, transmitter.
Radio receiver included
so all i need to complete is radio, battery, charger, and goggles? (i have to dom.v3)
Joseph C.
Yes - Spektrum transmitter
And actually..
Right now a free battery is inlcuded
So just the charger
i work at HobbyTownUSA in san antonio and i was thinking of doing an employee purchase later this year
Joseph C.
OK - I see!!
yeah and 499 is a little much
Joseph C.
I can understand!
well you've been the best help so far
ill think things through
thanks so much
Joseph C.
You are very welcome!!