Does the Sport Cub BNF come with a panic button?

Steven S.
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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 28, 2016

Steven S.
Hello! My name is Steven. How are you today? how can I assist you with some RC fun today?
Does it have a panic button? And a 3 level begin , intermediate and pro level
Steven S.
No this sport cub will not have a panic button. it comes with AS3x that is a flight stabilization system. it does not have the 3 modes built in.
Cost for flap option?
Steven S.
You will need to get one servo for that the hardware comes in the box let me look up the cost of that servo.
Looks like that will be 15 for the servo.
Is rudder foam hinged?
Where can I see set up procedure , like installing wings, tail Etc!
Steven S.
Yes that is hinged. let me pull up the manual for you.
Manual, forgot to check this
Steven S.
There is the link for the manual.