Does the Nano QX BNF with SAFE Technology have a camera?

Cory N.
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Shopper conversation with Cory N. on June 15, 2016

Cory N.
Hi there! How can I help?
Does it have a camera
Cory N.
The Nano QX does not. the Nano QX2 FPV does however.
The Nano QX2 does have a camera.
This thing has two prices one is 25$ and thenon
Cory N.
The RTF Has a transmitter the BNF does not.
And the other is 83$
Cory N.
Yes, there is two variants, one (RTF) comes with everything needed while the other (BNF) requires a transmitter.
What is a transmitter
Cory N.
The correct term for the controller.
So how does the other fly if it does not have conroller
Cory N.
The other one requires the pilot to already own a transmitter such as the spektrum DX6.
other ones have cameras
Cory N.
Are you looking to do FPV?
or just record video?