does the glimpse have an agility mode?

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Joseph C.
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does the glimpse have an agility mode? Is that what they are calling high rate? Would I get to it like the nano qx? Push the trainer/bind button on a DX8?
Joseph C.
I believe Glimpse is only High Rate and Low rate
No agility
like the high rate and low rate of the 180 qx but no 3rd mode
Joseph C.
the manual does state stability and agility , but then also says high rate/low rate. I guess I'll just have to check it out - thanks!
Joseph C.
OK - It may be one of those hidden things!!
I think so - left stick is agility/stability - right stick is high/low rate
I'll have to play around to find the values on the channel and then see if I can do some mixing
thanks for your help!