Does Horizon makes sport cub or super cub without safe mode?

Brett C.
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Shopper conversation with Brett C. on June 14, 2016

Brett C.
Hi, How can I help today?
Hi Dear,is Horizon makes sport cub or super cub without safe mode? champ was one of the best product from Horizon hobby but by adding safe mode to almost the size aircraft like sport cub with no option to disable this system unfortunately they took everything from pilot. as well as flight time and fully control.
Brett C.
you can disable the safe functionality and just leave it in normal mode if you wish
I went throu the manual step by step. did not work I've got DX6i
Brett C.
if you make sure it's in experienced mode it should not be a problem
I am 100% sure.
Brett C.
if you're still having trouble best to contact product support and they can guide you through the setup
877-504-0233 is their number
Thank you sir, any chance to get super cub without safe mode?
Brett C.
I'm not aware of any way unfortunately
it's designed as a starter plane so has been designed in
so sad.thanks again.good day
Brett C.
You too :-)