Does AS3X include SAFE?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 29, 2016

Joe C.
hi,how may I assist?
I have a question about AS3X
is that SAFE? or are they different
Joe C.
SAFE actually includes AS3X
AS3X is 3 axis stabilization
SAFE is for learning specifically and often includes flight modes that limit response and/or control authority
SAFE ALWAYS has a panic button also
does that make sense to you?
it does
Joe C.
so AS3X doesnt have panic button?
Joe C.
then, what does it have?
just stabilization?
Joe C.
so..., then this one
it says optional SAFE
Joe C.
that has SAFE select
Joe C.
you can choose to have SAFE if you bind it a certain way
or it can be off
there is a good video showing that option
have you seen it?
No i havent
this will be my first plane, I like the idea of SAFE
Joe C.
ok the spitfire probably isnt' the best choice for learning
is the spitfire a "middle" skill plane?
Joe C.
it is more of a good "second" plane choice
ive flown quads, just not planes
Joe C.
ah, ok, you may be ok then
but landing will be much different of course
so, what radio with the spitfire?
to enable optional SAFE
Joe C.
any 6+ channel spektrum radio will work
(dx6i, dx6, 9, etc)
even a dxe will work
dxe will still enable SAFE?
Joe C.
can you give me the model you are referencing?
Joe C.
do you see it?
Joe C.
so.. with the spitfire
you said medium skill - why
too fast?
Joe C.
it is a bit heavy and not as forgiving as trainers with lower wing loading
it lands fast
any other easier medium planes?
i only ask because i feel i would outgrow a trainer quick
Joe C.
AS3X keeps it from getting "nasty" (stalling) but in general it's better to start with a slower landing plane
if your orientation skills are good (esp ROLL axis) you'll be fine in learning quickly
could you point me to soething about a trainer?
1200mm or 1500mm
Joe C.
our best trainer is the apprentice
yes - my friend has that and i've flown
was looking for just 1 step above
Joe C.
the corsair would be that
light, good flyer, warbird
have you seen it?
no, please send link
Joe C.
here you go
i see
so is each model you sell like a gradual step up?
Joe C.
well sort of
there are more like groups of them
is there a lateral to the F4U?
i only ask because another friend has that one
I'm the 3rd guy
Joe C.
wing loading is key to judging ease of flight and control
but SAFE helps too
the t28 trojan 44" span is an easy flyer like the corsair, but no SAFE
yea... looking for SAFE :-(
Joe C.
maybe the night visionaire
that is a floater
Joe C.
light weight, doesn't sink out of the sky with power off-- easy
good power too
(3D trainer)-- no bad habits
but the gear is a little springy for new flyers so you'll likely snuff the prop a few times learning to land
some reinforce with wire or bungees between legs
snuff meaning just nose in the ground?
Joe C.
yes if your descent rate is too fast
and you dont' "flare" gently- the main skill you need in learning fixed wing
will visionaire pair to DXe for SAFE?
Joe C.
the dxe is really a 9 channel radio
you only need 6 channels to operate sAFE systems
main limitation of dxe is it only holds one mode at a time
Joe C.
and can be programmed only with app or PC interface
i knew there was a catch haah!
Joe C.
and programming features are limited compared to dx6 and "gen2" radios with telemetry, voice, etc
ok - i appreciate all of your help and information
just need to decide!
Joe C.