Compatible parts for a carbon z yak v1

Cory N.
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Shopper conversation with Cory N. on June 09, 2016

Cory N.
Hi there! How can I help?
hello I am rebuilding a Carbon Z yak V1. can I use this motor?
Cory N.
Absolutely! Probably the perfect motor for that airframe.
CAn I use the V2 wings with the V1 airframe. I believe they are the same right?
Cory N.
Yes they should be cross compatible.
I just wont put on the gold decals. That is what I am thinking
Cory N.
I can use a 50 amp esc with the Power 25. ok thats good
Thats all I needed
Cory N.
Yup! It recommends a minimum of 40A
No problem!
good bye