Can you ship back the 350 QX3 AP Combo RTF to have the internals checked?

Michael H.
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Shopper conversation with Michael H. on June 08, 2016

Michael H.
Hello! My name is Mike! What questions can I answer about the 350QX3 AP today?
Hi I just filled out and signed a service request form--is out to go ahead and fedex
Michael H.
Great deal
Blade 350 qx3 i broke a propeller arm
Michael H.
You can order the body and replace yourself
is that super expensive?
Michael H.
let me find a link
I want to make sure there is no internal damage so is it okay to ship back just in case after I replace the body?
Michael H.
Here is the body set
Yes you can ship after replacing body to have internals checked
Awesome! thank you very much!
Michael H.
Any other questions I can answer for you today?
Michael H.
Have a great day! Feel free to come back and chat any time you have questions!!!!