Can you help me on the wiring for the 480 Brushless outrunner motor?

Cory N.
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Cory N.
Hi there! How can I help?
Hi, by parts I have been able to build a Parkzone Icon A5 from scratch, however, given that this is a pusher I need help
I have connect red to red. black to black, blue to blue on the eflite esc and 480, and I think the motor is spinning the wrong way for pusher
Cory N.
Then just invert two of the wires. Do RED,RED. BLACK,BLUE and BLUE,BLACK.
thanks, wanted to check (it's a pain to move these - need mini long reach pliers due to configuration....will try this - my old icon lived for 3 + years, 300 flights or more on lake and snow so happy to rebuild a new one given that it was discontinued
Cory N.
Question for you. How much do you have in the build? I had bine for about two years but for some reason sold it. I have thought about parting one out.
fuse $65, other parts (wings, tail, motor etc all available via horizon), I think approx $350 all in, but that is all new parts (fuse, wings, electronics, all servos, battery etc). In fact, I bought enough parts to make two brand new ones (including LED kit)
Cory N.
Sweet. Might just have to do that. Awesome job though!
love it, wish hangar 9 would do a 1.2 m scale or something, here in minnesota with lakes and snow this plane works well, but the UMX is too flimsy for much wind.
Cory N.
A hangar 9 would be sweet.
if you have spare electronics the fuse, wing set + tail should only be approx $120
Cory N.
I actually have all the servos I would need along with a Park 480 and 35A esc just laying around.
you need that weirdly shaped servo for wings, I used the dsv130 for elevator + rudder - you would need to find a fuselage online....
Cory N.
I know where to get all the parts local.
even the bare painted fuselage???
Cory N.
Yup! Store over in Orlando called Graves RC.
Largest hobby shop in FL.
cool, unless you know something I don't (i.e a new version is coming out) I think time is running out soon to get parts
Cory N.
Yup. Wish something new was in production but to no prevail.
the old one came with AR600C, was planning to use the AR400 my new one, its that ok range wise?
Cory N.
ok, will stick a 6 channel in one of them for LED then, and use AR400 in the other and save some $$
Cory N.
Should be sweet.
that new mantra is looking cool for a FPV plane, have never tried, interested..
Cory N.
I race Quads and am just getting into fixed wing. Definitely a faster sport.
thanks for the help
Cory N.
No problem! Happy Flying!