Can you get floats or skis for the Sport Cub?

Steven S.
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Hello! I’m Steven I have been a RC enthusiast for 7 Years. I help start a local RC Car Club.


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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 28, 2016

Can you get floats or skis for the sport cub?
Steven S.
Hello! My name is Steven. how can I assist you with the sport cub S today?
You can get floats for that. let me pull that up for you.
Can you fly this outside?
Steven S.
Yes you can fly the sport Cub out side. it flys very well.
There is the float set for that plane.
Can the transmitter be bound to other aircraft?
Steven S.
It can be but it will only work with the smaller aircraft like the Sport Cub.
So are you saying planes like the champ or the ares taylorcraft 130?
Steven S.
Yes planes like those.
Thanks for the help! Have a good day.