Can you fly the vortex without the headset?

Steven S.
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Shopper conversation with Steven S. on June 08, 2016

Steven S.
Hi there, I am Steven. How are you today? What can I help you shop for?
HiStephen...can the vortex be set up to fly without the headset ?
Steven S.
Yes you can fly that with out the Headset. You can use a monitor if you choose to.
when you says monitor you mean a phone ?
Steven S.
No something like this one.
ok..can you not fset up and fly it lik a simple quad and then add the pieces later?
Steven S.
You can do that. You do not need goggles or a monitor to fly that quad.
so my DX7 is all I need for set up and flying ?
are u still there?
Steven S.
Yes you will need to get a battery for that as well.
ok thanks one last question...whats the average flight time on the 3s batter at about half throttle..not aggressive flying ?
Steven S.
Looks like there is a bonus buy with the quad you will get a free battery with that. I would say probably 5min
ok thank u Steven..appreciated
Steven S.
You're very welcome.
take care
Steven S.
You too, thank you.