Can the T-28 use bigger wheels?

Joe C.
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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 08, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the t28?
Hi, received my new t-28 1.2 last week and maddened it last night.
didn't spell that right...
flew great! but it was tough gettting it off the short grass for take off without it nosing in.
can it accept bigger wheels?
Joe C.
yes you can put bigger wheels on it if you like
what would you recommend?
Joe C.
dubro 3" lite wheels
they come in pairs
do you see the picture?
yes. How much bigger are those then the current ones? and will they retract ok?
Joe C.
no they won't fit with retracts
do you know the max size that will?
Joe C.
I wouldn't go any bigger than stock if you want them to retract
you need some clearance for wire flex
Joe C.
retracts really only work well on pavement for small wheels
or VERY smooth grass (ie putting greens)
do you make the e-flight line?
Joe C.
we distribute for E-flite
got it. might I just need to put in more elevator throw to get more lift?
Joe C.
no I wouldn't necessarily do that
is the plane flipping over?
how tall is the grass?
it's pretty short, not putting green short, but 1/4"ish
the plane is nosing in so the prop hits the turf.
Joe C.
if you can't get up to speed to takeoff it is very rough/long. I suggest making sure you are facing the wind andmaybe only flying it on windier days-- that will help a lot for takeoff
smaller prop with more pitch perhaps?
Joe C.
make sure the nose wheel retract is fully extended (it shold just barely clear the cavity when retracted)
if you alter the prop config you won't get max efficiency
ok, maybe I'll just need more time with it but even the instructors that did the take offs for me were challenaged by it.
Joe C.
for more thrust you'd need larger diameter and finer pitch
but really it should work in stock config
grass shouldn't be longer than 3" tall or so
(really SCALP it next time you cut it)
it's not close to 3" at most 1/2"
Joe C.
are your batteries in good shape?
brand new
I've read reviews of this issue
and bigger wheels needed but I'd hate to lose retracks.
Joe C.
you could go with a larger nosewheel or wheels all around
but they won't retract
I need to go, but thank you for your time.
Joe C.
you're welcome