best step up from the Sport Cub plane

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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 06, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the sport cub s?
Joe C.
Hi, how may I assist?
My son currently has that Sport cub, what would be a next step up for him? He is getting really good at flying and doing loops, etc.
Joe C.
does he want a larger plane? (how much room is there to fly?)
we currently fly in a Large play ground area...maybe 300 yds x 300yds
sorry 100yd x 100 yds
Joe C.
gotcha, did you want to go larger?
I often recommend the t28 trojan as a great second plane
maybe a little larger...maybe something
Joe C.
have you seen it?
the pulse is also a great easy to fly plane in the larger size
will it handle a little more breeze?
Joe C.
yes both can handle 15mph or more
I've added these items to your "ideas" to the right. Do you see them? (can you click them to see details?)
ah...that is good...let me look at them.
Joe C.
what transmitter do you recommend?
Joe C.
the dx6i or dx6 would be great choices
the dx6 (black) is a much nicer radio if budget allows --(it has plenty of "room to grow")
both the dx6i and dx6 will fly nearly all the aircraft we offer but the dx6 has features like telemetry, spoken voice alerts and telemetry, alarms and 250 model memory vs 10 for the dx6i
can you add that to my ideas?
so I can find it easily
Joe C.
Joe C.
here you go
you'er welcome
Ok - thanks for the help! I will review with him and see what he wants to do.
Joe C.
you're welcome, have fun