AR9020 9-Channel DSMX X-Plus Receiver

Erik P.
RC Expert

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Shopper conversation with Erik P. on June 12, 2016

Erik P.
Hi im Erik and welcome to horizon hobby! How can I help you with your rc needs?
So I have this receiver and I am going to put it into a new 3d plane that I am getting soon. I will be using 10s batteries. Do I have to use another battery, other than the big 10s one to power the receiver?
Erik P.
you can power it from the esc as long as it has a BEC
ok perfect. thanks
Erik P.
you got it thanks so much for stopping in today
So it has a 6volt or 8volt bec. But i am going to use the HS-8335SH servos that are rated at a 7.4volt. Would that fry the servo if I put the esc on the 8volt setting.
Erik P.
that would work
ok thanks