is it ok to buy larger mah bats than what came with the plane?

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Shopper conversation with Joe C. on June 08, 2016

Joe C.
Hello! How may I assist your shopping experience? Did you have a question about the dx6?
is it ok to buy larger mah bats than what came with the plane
Joe C.
yes if they fit and arent' too heavy
which plane doyou have?
right now I have your apprentice and I am wanting to buy a cessna (which you don't have) and it comes with a lipo 11.1v 1800mAH
Joe C.
ok, well without knowing which one I cant' say for sure if it will fit or would acommodate a larger pack
in general 2200mah packs will fit in planes designed for 1800mah ones
and a Cessna will probably be able to handle the slight extra weight
we do have a "sportsman" which looks a lot like a cessna
have youseen it?
it has SAFE + tech nology
(good for learning, are you familar with SAFE?)
yes my apprentice has works great. I guess what I am ignorant to is what is the benefit of more Mah if the plane can handle the weight
Joe C.
larger capacity weighs more-- higher wing loading won't turn as tight or be as "friendly" on landing
so it's better to be light if possible
trade off flying performance vs flight time
the flight time is what I was wondering most about, but can that cause ESC and motor over heating
Joe C.
no not the capacity
only in extreme (heavy) cases with a bad design - an under powered plane for example
do you have the sportsman in BNF and if so does it have a receiver installed and bind to my DX6i
Joe C.
sorry no we don't have the bnf anymore
actually we just introduced the gen 2 though
(pre order now)
yes it will work with a dx6i
can you click the link above?
give me a bit
Joe C.
Yes that is the plane I was back and forth with the apprentice. I wasn't interested in the gps smaller wing span. The cessna I am looking at is 65" pre-installed lights but comes RTF------I have your DX5 w/the apprentice RTF and your Phonix sim. Do you have any top wings 60-65" w/trike gear
Joe C.
do you mean foam (BNF) planes?
doesn't need to be foam I just prefer to stay electric
Joe C.
the alpha would be in that class
have you seen it?
I meant and your DX6i with the phoenix sim
give me another sec.
Joe C.
I have a thing for Cessna but what size motor, esc, servos, batteries and most of all price to complete it?
it---the Alpha
Joe C.
it will likely be close to $400
the manual lists recommended items
also a completion guide is listed here:
it woulde be good to bookmark that site
Ok it is worth consideration. Also, what do have available in 11.1V 1800 mAH and next larger?
Joe C.
I usually recommend the kinexis brand battery as a good value
already been there your service and tech help is why I keep checking horizon out
Joe C.
you can search all battery options here:
note you can sort by price (upper right) and by brand/size,etc on the left
did you see that option?
yes I will check them out.......thanks again for your input----------"I'll be back"
Joe C.
you're welcome, thanks for stopping by, let us know when you'd like assistance in the future